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Automate backup copies on your computer



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Areca Backup is software designed to automate the process of making backup copies of the files on your PC. It supports images and can copy to local units or FTP servers. Using this tool, you are able to navigate through all of your backup copies and the different versions of each file.

The system that creates and programs the backups is developed in Java, and has a graphical interface with commands that allow you to make the process automatic.

Areca Backup allows you to select a group of files and choose where and how they will be stored, then later configure the backup actions, like sending reports by email or launching personalized shell scripts.

This application is also capable of compressing files (Zip and Zip64), encrypting them (Triple DES and AES), storing them on portable drives, and filtering files to select which to copy and which to leave out, among many other features.

Its interface makes configuring Areca Backup as simple as possible, so you can create and automate your backups, then access, explore, and recover specific versions of your files whenever you need them.
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